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Introduction to the firm

Founded in 2006 by Olivier LHOMME, the firm is located just outside Paris, 10 minutes from the business center Paris-La Défense.

The firm advises small and medium-sized businesses as well as major international groups, whether their management is based in France or abroad, and whether their contacts are French or English-speaking.

As a business law firm, its core business is corporate consulting. Its diversification, the expansion of its team and its ability to work in partnership with other firms, where appropriate, and the need to offer ever more comprehensive assistance, have led it to handle a wide variety of cases and broaden its areas of expertise.

Our values and strengths

Motivated by the desire to defend our clients’ best interests at all times, our lawyers make it a point of honour to get to the bottom of each case and apply their own working methods (see our working methods). By carrying out a detailed analysis of every aspect of the case entrusted to them, our lawyers seriously increase the chances of success and reduce the risk of an unfair decision.

Their ability to listen enables them to carry out this in-depth study.

The firm’s particularly affordable hourly rates (see Fees tab) are also an asset, as they do not discourage clients from seeking advice, and enable them to set out the facts of their case in a detailed and exhaustive manner. Lawyers, assistants and secretaries record their time in tenths of an hour (units of account: 6 minutes) on daily timesheets, avoiding any over-billing and ensuring complete transparency in billing details.

The values conveyed by the firm are fairness and team spirit, but also hard work, conviction and obstinacy, which ensure that the client’s case will be handled and defended to the best of our ability.


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