is to create!

  1. It means creating an environment
    • both legal (corporate structure or other),
    • tax (choosing the most appropriate tax regime for your chosen activity)
    • but also social (possible and compulsory cover)
  2. Creating value, especially added value
  3. It’s about creating your own working environment and your own job, and if need be, it’s also, or will be, the job of others.
    Behind these realities lie an infinite number of legal issues. Entrepreneurship is not an exact science, and no one can claim to know all the tricks of the entrepreneurial trade. They are specific to each company. Legal constraints, on the other hand, are “the same” for everyone.

Our aim is to help you, as an entrepreneur, to make the best choices from the outset (many options are irreversible or costly when changed) and to circumscribe all conceivable and/or foreseeable risks.

From the protection of the idea to the eventual dissolution of the project, via the choice of the most appropriate structure and the management of the company throughout its life (negotiation/drafting of contracts, holding of meetings and management of shareholder crises, supplier and customer disputes, collections, etc.) our firm will help the entrepreneur make the right choices and stay one step ahead.