Don’t we say “a bad settlement is better than a good trial“?

Everyone can benefit from a settlement outside the courtroom, it being understood that if such a settlement is well drafted it will have the force of law between the parties and will have the same value as a judgement.

From the negotiation phase to the signing of the settlement protocol, your lawyer is your best ally in assisting you, informing you of your real chances of success should the case takes the court route, and advising you on possible reciprocal concessions.

Indeed, a settlement implies reciprocal concessions, but what the parties have conceded will most the time be compensated by the undeniable advantages of a settlement over legal proceedings: rapidity, absence of contingencies, efficiency…

Nevertheless, as Emile Auguste CHARTIER once wrote, “Meditate on the words of a lawyer: Interests always compromise; passions never compromise” [Mars ou la guerre jugée -Emile Auguste CHARTIER].