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Employment law

Employment law

aturally, as part of its assistance to entrepreneurs, the firm assists managers or human resources departments in negotiating and drafting employment contracts (C.D.I., C.D.D., subsidized contracts, etc.).

We can also help you implement disciplinary sanctions (dismissals, lay-offs, warnings, etc.), assess the rights and obligations of each party and estimate financial risks as accurately as possible.

We will also help you find your way around the various ways of terminating an employment contract (resignation, approved contractual termination, dismissal without real and serious cause, for serious or gross misconduct, for economic reasons, etc.).

Labor disputes

In the absence of conciliation between the parties, the firm can assist you in proceedings before the labor courts.

We can assist you in any legal proceedings relating to the performance of the employment contract.

We can also assist employers in their dealings with the URSSAF or the DIRECCTE (labor inspectorate).

If you have any doubts about our areas of expertise, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can determine whether we can handle your case, or whether we can recommend a colleague.

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