Anticipate (preventive approach)

The lawyer should not only intervene downstream. Anticipation consists of getting ahead of legal issues by seeking advice before difficulties even arise. This presupposes being able to identify or more precisely to sense that a legal difficulty will arise from a given situation. Therefore, the ideal is to contact your advisor in order to fully identify the legal issues and understand what is at stake. Once the issues or risks have been identified, your lawyer will be able to prevent them by either:

  • writing the required documents (drafting a contract, a formal notice, etc.)
  • drafting adapted contractual clauses on a case-by-case basis,
  • taking the necessary steps stopping the time limits running against you, or
  • sending adapted registered mail, when this may be sufficient,
  • etc.

Anticipating can therefore consist of drafting contracts with a lawyer, protecting yourself against unpaid debts or ensuring the smooth legal functioning of the company on a daily basis, so as to provide it with optimal protection.

Thanks to our experience in assisting companies and private individuals with these procedures, and our knowledge of these micellaneous fields, we are able to guide you on a day-to-day basis in order to anticipate any future difficulties. The partnership between you and your lawyer allows you to opt for a long-term vision that takes into account your company’s legal, financial and tax environment, enabling you to build your business for the long term.

Anticipating also means planning for your loved ones:

  • Do you want to organize your estate?
  • Would you or one of your loved ones need a protective measure to assist you in the management of your daily affairs, or to protect an elderly person against aggressive canvassing?

In such cases, it is useful to take the necessary steps so that a measure of protection of justice, guardianship and curatorship are pronounced in your favor or in favor of your loved one. It can also be useful to organize your estate by providing for a legacy, a sharing, and thus avoid any subsequent litigation and perhaps even optimize the tax implications of your inheritance.

When it comes to companies in difficulty, anticipating means opening court collective proceedings before it is too late. Once the company is not able to pay its debts, not all options are available. Here again, the quicker the reaction, the better the company’s chances of getting out of this bad situation.